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welcome to the gerard way. this is a brand new community dedicated to my chemical romance frontman, gerard way. if you're a fan, please read the rules and join.

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1. this community is for everything gerard related. you can discuss anything about him here. dreams, fan art, ect.. it's all good
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2. I SUPPORT FANGIRLS, so gush all you want over how hot gerard is. everyone does it, despite what they want people to think
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3. if you've met gerard, please share the wonderful tale of how it happened (and post pictures if possible).
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4. journal icons and every other sort of graphic [color bars, friends-only banners, ect] are always welcome, but only four avatars are allowed outside of a LJ cut. if you are unsure on how to make a LJ cut click here
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5. fights should usually be avoided, but if you must, go on.. fight.. it could be rather entertaining for others
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6. if you have your own gerard fansite, or community, you ARE ALLOWED to post up the link, but just don't join this journal to promote your own.
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7. post alot of pictures whenever possible. just make sure they haven't already been posted before. if they have, and your copies are better quality and size, nevermind this rule and go ahead with posting them.
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8. if you make your own gerard/mcr stuff and have it up on ebay, you can post a link to the auction. more than likely everyone will be interested, but also be sure to post the auction over at mcr_auctions


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